Physical Education

The PE department at Liverpool College Pre Prep School offers a range of activities. It has a broad curriculum base which is aimed at the development of pupils fundamental skills. It is the aim of the PE department to work with and develop pupils of all abilities and to encourage pupils self belief and character. Our aim is to encourage pupils in the Pre Prep to play an active role in school life and to take part in a large range of physical activities including gymnastics, dance, games and swimming lessons. Through a variety of enjoyable physical activities pupils develop such qualities as confidence and self esteem. The aim of the Pre prep physical education programme is to encourage pupils to enjoy sport and to develop skills that they will use as they progress through life and, in the short term, in the Prep School PE department and in school teams.

All pupils in the Pre Prep school participate in a minimum of one and a half hour physical education per week. The lessons consist of development of gymnastic skills such as climbing, jumping and rolling progressively linked to sequential routines and small to large gymnastic equipment work according to ability. Games lessons develop simple sending and receiving and encourage good hand/eye co-ordination progressing through to using equipment. By Year 2 pupils are participating in team sports undertaking tag rugby, basketball, football, hockey, cricket and short tennis.

Swimming lessons are undertaken in Year 1 and Year 2 and encourage water confidence and aims to develop pupils stroke development in front and back crawl and breast stroke. Year 2 also undertake distance awards and Water Skills 1 awards.

Pupils are generally encouraged to lead an active life style and to this end the benefit of physical exercises are taught through PE lessons and the importance of hygiene and wearing of the correct sports kit.

Many pupils progress and further develop their sporting ability in the Prep school and many participate in school teams

Dance classes offer great opportunities to the pupils of Liverpool College. It encourages pupils to stay fit, healthy and active. It is a fun way to express you as an individual. It also contributes towards social and interaction skills. This is from the activities and tasks involved in the dance session. Dance increases confidence and all round thinking skills. The aim is for the pupils to have fun whilst learning. Dance classes are based on a series of tasks taken from the approach towards dance in education.

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