Mission, Values and Ethos

Learning with Character

In 1840, Liverpool College was founded on a commitment to educate the whole person. Although we made this pledge over 170 years ago, it has never been more relevant than today.

Our motto, “Non solum ingenii verum etiam virtutis”—to build ‘not only the intellect, but also the character’—speaks directly to the resilience and flexibility required to thrive in our modern world. It reflects the balance of ability and resilience that society will demand of our young people and finds its contemporary expression in our focus on ‘Learning with Character’.

Every young person that joins our school has the potential to excel. By developing ‘Learning with Character’ we create the structure around which potential can grow and flourish, the foundation on which greatness can be built. 

Mission Statement

Liverpool College values the dignity of each individual and promotes the development of character and learning through a commitment to high standards within a caring community

Core Values
College Motto

Non Solum ingenii verum etiam virtutis
Not only the Intellect but also the Character

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