All children in the Pre-Prep department take part in daily English lessons with their class teacher. Planning is largely based on the Primary Framework for Literacy. In addition however, the phonics and grammar elements of English are taught following 'Jolly Phonics' in Reception and 'The Grammar Handbooks'. Work in class is differentiated by teachers to meet the needs of individuals and groups of children.

Formal assessment takes place in the form of annual NFER tests for Year One and Two pupils and children in Year Two take part in national assessment tests and English Speaking Board examinations.

One of our main aims in teaching English in the Pre-Prep is to encourage a love of language and books. All children are encouraged to bring home books to share from our well stocked library, in addition to their scheme 'reading books.' Children always enjoy dressing up as their favourite fictional characters to celebrate World Book day each March.

Outside of English lessons children's Speaking and Listening skills are greatly aided by taking part in the annual pre-prep Christmas production and class assemblies to which families and friends are invited.


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