Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages are essential in preparing young people to play a part in the modern world today. French and Spanish are taught at Liverpool College Preparatory School because they are important international languages. The acquisition of foreign languages allows children to gain an invaluable insight into other countries and cultures. From an early age children learn to embrace and accept cultural differences and develop the confidence to use languages other than their own. Languages also provide interest and fun.

Liverpool College recognises the educational value of introducing Modern Foreign Languages at an early age. A language awareness program begins from Nursery. Basic courses in Spanish are taught in Nursery and Year 1, and French is taught in Reception and Year 2 in the Pre-Prep Department.

Learning a foreign language is an important part of the primary curriculum. As well as laying the foundations for future language learning, the subject aims to provide opportunities to extend pupils' knowledge of how language works and to introduce intercultural understanding at an early stage. Pupils take part in Language Days during the year and have contact with Foreign Language Assistants during lessons.

The course aims to familiarise pupils with the language and way of life of the foreign countries studied. Knowledge of foreign traditions, customs, festivals, geography, music and gastronomy of the countries are also included throughout the course. A variety of resources, including multimedia resources are used to immerse pupils in the foreign language and culture.

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