The "before" photograph

Secret Garden

Thanks to the support of one of our parents and the work of pupils, teachers and the estates team, a remarkable transformation is almost complete.

The Gardening Club, led by Miss Miller and Miss Shaw, launched an ambitious plan at the start of the year to transform the area behind the biology labs into a secret garden. They envisioned the area becoming a multi-use space that sixth form students could use to revise in, teachers can lead practical investigations in and also an area for relaxation.

Following an appeal in the Principal’s newsletter, a parent generously donated the topsoil we needed for the project and also offered the services of his company to help us finish clearing and preparing the site. Many tonnes of earth, brick, stone and vegetation have now been removed and replaced with an equal tonnage of good fresh top soil. During the Easter holidays, the area was levelled and turf was laid. All that now remains to complete the garden is for pupils to plant some shrubs plus a suitable work of art on the brick wall.

We look forward to seeing the final result!