GCSE Results 2019

It has been a busy and exciting morning at the College as the Year 11 collected their results.

There were some fantastic performances. Ruari W (Howson’s) achieved 8 grade 9s in his set of results, and Elysia S (Butler’s) and Arash P (Brook’s) each achieved 7 grade 9s. Overall more than a quarter of pupils achieved at least 6 GCSE grade 7-9. The pass rates in maths was 85%. 50% of pupils achieved the English Baccalaureate.

The College focuses on the maximization of every pupil's potential, no matter what their starting position academically. This was also a year of impressive progress for the whole cohort and for individual pupils. 8 pupils received 20 grades higher than they were expected to. A further 27 pupils did between 10-20 grades better than expected. Girls at the school performed on average half a grade better across all subjects than expected. Pupils who had not achieved well at the end of primary school made exceptionally good progress at the College. Overall, the cohort made progress that was significantly above what was expected of them. For any school or any pupil, that is a true cause for celebration!