Personal, social and health education (PSHE) and citizenship is an integral part of the school curriculum. It enables children to become healthy, independent and responsible members of society. We believe the purpose of PSHE is to help children develop good relationships and have respect for others, develop self-confidence and self-esteem and make informed choices regarding personal and social issues.

All children throughout the Pre-prep study an explicit, structured, whole-curriculum framework using the SEAL- Social, Emotional, Aspects of Learning programme (QCA). This covers the five social and emotional aspects of learning; self-awareness, managing feelings, motivation, empathy and social skills which underline almost every aspect of our lives. Each half-term a whole school assembly is led by the Head of Pre-Prep and a new theme introduced e.g. the theme 'Say no to bullying' takes place to coincide with anti-bullying week (November).

The school encourages children to take part in practical activities that promote citizenship, e.g. charity fundraising and the planning of school events such as an assembly. Children are given the opportunity to hear visiting speakers, such as health workers, police, and the school Chaplin, whom we invite into the school to talk about their role in creating a positive and supportive local community. The school also develops PSHE and citizenship through activities and whole-school events, e.g. interactive drama workshops on bullying, guest speakers, LFC coaches in the community and the 'School Council' involving pupil representatives from each year group.

We hope children will learn to appreciate what it means to be a positive member of a diverse multicultural society and be independent and responsible members of the school community.


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