Timeline Years 9-13


Begin to equip pupils with good working habits and introduce activities related to careers, work, professions and vocations:
- Create group cohesion
- Build confidence
- Enable self expression
- GCSE Choices
· Introduced to careers library and online resources with explanations on how to use them.
· Access online information on college Intranet.
· Listen to talks by guest speakers from visiting business, alumni and watching video to support the variety of professions.
· Pupils receive support in making choices and lessons reflect this in the curriculum.
· An introduction to our 'calling' and 'passion' when looking at career pathways.
· Register with Futurewise for Morrisby testing.
Continue to introduce job and career profiles through guest talks
- Encourage self-esteem and positive self-image.
- Raise awareness of their individual needs, interests, beliefs and attitudes relating to careers and the working life.
Begin the programme with ISCO towards the end of 10.
· Set specific tasks and activities within Choices curriculum.
· Identify relevant sources for careers and work information.
· Ensure students are aware of location of resources.
· Understand subjects they are good at and enjoy.
· Interview individuals as practice for world of work experience.
· Explore coping strategies within work environment
· Understand rights and responsibilities at work
Build on the foundations of previous two years.
- Prepare pupils for work experience throughout the year - this takes place after GCSE's in the summer term.
- Identify possible career options and link to subject choice in sixth form and beyond.
· Coach those students wishing to explore alternatives to sixth form, forming action plans with structure and realistic goals.
· Individuals have practice career interviews via ISCO and Careers Coaching Centre.
· Encourage students to attend taster sessions for degree choices at universities and further afield.
· Listen to guest speakers highlighting different career pathways with greater emphasis on 16+ provision.
· Experience other taster sessions where possible.
· Contemplate post GCSE options and engage on one-to-one careers sessions with careers coach.
Build upon the Futurewise Morrisby report received in Year 11 and recommendations for careers and degree programmes.
- Introduce the UCAS cycle, how to apply, expectations and choosing courses and universities wisely.
How the UCAS system works.
· Deliver sixth form presentations by tutors, careers coach, external speakers.
· Invite academic speakers, and encourage taster sessions.
· Profile and publicise University Open Days
· Present sessions on how to write your personal statement.
· Fees and Funding, living as a student.
· Complete Centigrade online
· Gap years and Year in Industry.
· Attendance at Merseyside HE Convention at the University of Liverpool
Further support the UCAS application cycle
· Help, guidance, support in the final stages of UCAS application
· Mock Interviews for students applying to Oxbridge, medicine, dentistry, veterinary and any other students who requires interview for world of work.

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