House Poetry Competition Result

Congratulations to Leigh Y (Y7 Howard's) who was the overall winner of the poetry house competition and also to runner up Summer F (Y8 Howson's). Their poems are published below. The Poetry House competition was organised to coincide with National Poetry Day (October 3) which explored the theme of 'Truth'.


Truth is something you have to give
To at least one person in your life.
Sometimes truth hurts and
That is alright.
When you find out the truth,
And not lies, there are
Many reactions like sad, shocked
Or surprised.
Truth can be good, bad or neither,
But don’t worry, it won’t cause a fever.
If you tell the truth, the rumours
Will not begin to flow.
Tell the truth
And tension will no longer grow.

Leigh Y (Y7 Howard’s)


What does it mean?
Is truth when you tell a friend your secret?
Is it when you never tell a lie?
Is it when you own up to something?
Or is it when you confess that you did something wrong?

Is it when trees blow in the wind,
Whispering in the breeze?
Is it when one person tells another person
What someone did?

What does it mean?
Go find out for yourself.
But remember, you can tell no lies
When you are searching for the truth.

Summer F (Y8 Howson’s)

The overall results for the Houses were:

1. Howard's
2. Howson's
3. Brook's