Science Diversity Project Winners

We had over 120 fantastic entries for the KS3 Science Diversity Project, all of which will receive a PPC point. The best projects will also be displayed in Science after Christmas. 

The Science Department wanted to highlight and celebrate diversity and achievements from all different ethnic backgrounds in science. Pupils in Years 7-9 were invited to research a pioneering BAME scientist or engineer, and produce a piece of display work based on their research.

It was a very difficult decision for our team of 6th form judges but the final prizewinners were:

  • 1st - Poppy W (7 Howard’s)
  • 2nd - Nella A (9 Brook’s)
  • 3rd - Olivia C (9 Butler’s)

Poppy received a £25 Amazon voucher for her project about Maggie Aderin-Pocock.  Nella and Olivia received a £15 voucher each.  

Also highly commended for their original poems - Anouksha S (7 Selwyn’s), and Ahmad K (7 Brook’s).  Anouksha's poem is copied below:
Bame Scientists

There are many Bame scientists up to date,

Who have discovered things that are great

Like the mathematician Gladys Mae West,

Her work on the shape of the earth was best.

Then George Washington Carver was clever head to foot,

He found 100 uses of a sweet peanut.

Another fine scientist was Ernest Everest Just,

His research on cells was a must.

Then there’s wonderful Patricia Bath,

Our laser eye surgery she led the path.

Marie Maynard Daly was very good,

She worked on cholesterol in your blood.

Mae Jemison was proud of her race,

She was the first black female to go to space.

Percy Lavon Julian had great belief,

He made drugs out of a green leaf.

So, a Bame scientist to the world brings,

Many innovative wonderful things.

By Anouksha S (7 Selwyn’s)

Mrs Diamond