Happy Christmas from the Prep School!

It’s only been a short week but what a week in the Prep School!

We have had Christingle, a reindeer run, visits to Santa in the grotto, Christmas lunch, and a party to finish! You can see some more photos from the events here and read more about our Forest School Grotto below.

Mrs Pease (Head of Prep)

Forest School Grotto

I cannot tell you how much fun we have had this week. Father Christmas (as we know) is a legend! His elves are phenomenal and FC says that the teachers in Liverpool College are superb!! See for yourself!!

The delivery of our Grotto needs a special thank you; to Mrs Young for her vehement support, not just financially from the PTA, but in her presence....even though her feet were freezing!! And a special thank you to Mr "elf" Harvey, photographer extraordinaire!!

And of course, the one and only, Father Christmas who has chatted to, listened to and encouraged ALL of our Pre Prep and Prep children.

In a year of pressing, trying and difficult circumstances, it has been my pleasure to see wonder, excitement and fun on the faces of all of our children, from Reception to Y6. 

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New year. I anticipate MUCH mud in January...and beyond!!!!

Mrs Shackell (Forest School Lead)