Young Leader Competition 2020-2021 - Results Are In!

Liverpool College has Finalists in every category!

We have just learnt six Liverpool College pupils were selected as winners for the Merseyside and Cheshire region in the Young Leaders Competition. As well as receiving a DISTINCTION shortlisted certificate, the pupils will also shortly have their work showcased in a Gallery. Their creativity and problem-solving skills will be exhibited in the Merseyside and Cheshire Gallery for all to see.

The Leaders Award competition posed the question "If you were an engineer, what would you do?" You can see previous entries at Every child in KS2 and Y7 was given an opportunity to participate this year, with KS3 Wilton Scholars and those attending Enterprise activities in the Upper School also asked to submit an entry. To participate, pupils had to identify a problem they had observed in real life, invent a solution to that problem, illustrate and annotate their creation, promote their product through a descriptive ‘Pitch Letter’ and meet a real engineer.

We have winners in every year group from Y4-Y7, which is a superb achievement and speaks to the high calibre of entries submitted by our pupils.

The Finalists were:

  • Year 8 - Niamh K and Jude S F
  • Year 7 - Jeffrey L and Nicholas D, Daisy L
  • Year 6 -Aisha A, Aryan G, Sam W
  • Year 5 - Cori D, Poppy L
  • Year 4 - Carter C, Refeef Lily Al-N

The following pupils were awarded Distinctions or Merits for the high quality of their designs and the creativity of their inventions. Well done to all our winners and to all those who entered. The standard from Liverpool College was described as superb! All are to be congratulated. Distinction

Distinctions - Mary M, Christinas P, Kara B

Merits - Thomas P, Isaac F, Harich A-B, Haseeb H, Oliver J, Arben L, Sascha PW, Sienna S, Stanley C, Aliyah K, Amelia T H, Anya W, Uzair A, Emily B, Phoebe H, Luc H, Katherine H, Roisin H, Zak H, Neha J, Poppy M, Isaac O’B, Alisha S, Ava S, Katy W, Katie A, Scarlet K, Dylan L, Drew McC, Sienna M O’K, Jack P, Ed R, Matilde A, Sadie B, Freddie B, Rozelin K, Lorik L, Grace M, Luca N, Chrysa S

Mrs Doran