Who we are

We are an all-through 4-19, state funded, mixed ability, single academy trust city day and boarding school with a Church of England foundation in the heart of Liverpool, employing approximately 190 staff and enrolling approximately 1700 pupils with boarding for 18 pupils ages 11-18. Liverpool College was judged as Outstanding at its last Ofsted inspection in November 2019.

Directed by our motto, not only the intellect also character, we strive to live out today the vision of our foundation over 180 years ago. We develop in all our pupils, regardless of their backgrounds or abilities, the traits of purpose, passion and challenge so that they can embark on their life’s journey with knowledge, confidence, direction, and strong moral purpose.

We do this by relentlessly pursuing together the highest standards, and by developing and delivering a unique, varied, challenging and holistic curriculum inside and outside the classroom to all our pupils.

We work together to ensure that we are an aspirational and inclusive community for all our pupils.

We build leaders and learners by inspiring pupils to develop the traits of our Learner Profile:

our learner profile


We reflect deeply on our experience of the world and our place in it.

We consider the meaning and the purpose behind our experiences and our plans, and reflect upon them.

We make consistent progress towards clear and ambitious goals.

We can visualise and plan our future, our ambitions, and our opportunities. We understand clearly how our actions and learning today will impact that future.

We understand and accept our responsibilities to others.

We respect others and show concern and compassion for those who need us. We serve our school and community. We strive to improve the lives of others and in the world around us.


We learn independently and enthusiastically.

We nurture our curiosity. Our love of learning enables us to pursue inquiry and research on our own or with others. Our zeal for learning means we learn enthusiastically and eagerly in and out of the classroom.

We create and innovate.

We dare to do new things in new ways, taking considered risks, and accepting the possibility of failure. We understand our own interests, our strengths and weaknesses and are developing new interests and embracing new ideas.


We improve our knowledge, skills and character through determination and application.

We tackle things which are difficult in and out of the classroom, and understand how that difficulty promotes our learning and improves our resilience and character.

We are resilient and determined when we meet challenges.

We stick to our tasks, persevere, and overcome challenges. Setbacks do not deter us.

our philosophy of education

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Our Purpose and Intent

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to transform the lives of young people, regardless of background or ability, by relentlessly challenging and consistently inspiring them to reach their maximum academic and personal potential within an inclusive and aspirational learning community dedicated to the highest standards.

Our Intent:

Our intent is to be a School of Character, which through a unique curriculum and extraordinary teaching, systematically and effectively inspires and guides all pupils to maximise their academic and personal potential and aptitude regardless of their background or any disadvantage

our curriculum:

Our Unique LCA+ Curriculum

We pursue our intent to be a School of Character by implementing our unique LCA+ curriculum.

A College of Schools

The College is organized into two phases and five schools.

The Primary Phase consists of the Pre-Prep (Reception-Year 2) and Preparatory School (Year 3-Year 6) and each are housed in their own buildings.

The Secondary Phase consists of the Senior School (Middle School (Years 7-9) and Upper School (Years 10-11)) and the Sixth Form (Years 12-13) which share classroom facilities.

Pupils are based in one of six Houses (Brook’s, Butler’s, School, Howard’s, Howson’s and Selwyn’s) for the duration of their educational journey through the College.

The leadership of the College consists of the Principal of the College who is supported by two Vice Principals who have whole College responsibility for our educational provision (VP: Education), and for the delivery and operation of core business and support services (VP: Operations), and by the Finance Director  who is responsible for the business and financial management of the College.

Our History

The College was founded in 1840 to serve the needs of the growing city of Liverpool. William Ewart Gladstone spoke at the foundation and was one of the founders of the College. Liverpool College was a Founder Members of HMC. In 1929, the College moved to its current site in the leafy suburbs of Mossley Hill. In 1993, the College became fully coeducational by its amalgamation with the independent girls school, Huyton College. In 1999, the College established its coeducational preparatory school for pupils aged between three and eleven, by merging its preparatory and pre-preparatory bases.

In more recent years, the College underwent an ambitious development programme which included a major College-wide refurbishment and restructuring programme, an innovative partnership with the University of Liverpool and the introduction of Sixth Form l boarding. All this was rounded off with an excellent inspection report from ISI in February 2012.

In June 2012, Liverpool College announced that the Secretary of State for Education had accepted their submission to transition the College to Academy status in September 2013 (an academy is an independent school funded directly by central government). This followed a comprehensive and strategic review of the future options for the development of Liverpool College. The government felt that the College's submission, which included an educational plan and vision, would enhance and develop the educational opportunities offered by the College for current and future pupils.

In September 2013, Liverpool College became an all-through academy for pupils aged 4 to 19 years old. The College also offers state boarding provision for pupils in Chapters (Years) 7-13.  In the last few years, it has become one of the most over- subscribed schools in the North of England. It serves the local and wider community, and welcomes applications from parents both within and outside the Liverpool area.