Student Voice

Why did I choose Liverpool College Sixth Form?

Liverpool College is the place where I can fit in with everyone and I’m happy with the subjects I’ve chosen. I feel like I’ve grown a lot more academically than I would have done in my other school. In year 12 I’ve enjoyed the care from the members of staff and my classmates around me. Jamie 

The school I used to be in didn’t push me enough to be the best version of myself. Liverpool College challenges me every day with something new. In year 12 I’ve enjoyed the independence I’m gaining and the level of maturity we’re treated with. Sama 

The opportunities that I have been provided with such as the CCF, school trip and EPQ in the Sixth Form has made me happy with my decision to come to Liverpool College. I have enjoyed the feeling of being treated in a more mature way and enjoyed our additional freedoms and making our own choices. Jacob 

I stayed because I love the pupils and the teachers who have very good skills and nice personalities. In year 12 I’ve enjoyed I have loved the freedom, the subjects and teachers and the students that have joined. Harriette 

I joined Liverpool College as it offered me many more opportunities not only in education but also with extra-curricular events such as sports, music and arts. I’ve enjoyed that lessons have a more personal feel to them as classes are smaller. Ciaran 

I feel like the teachers have a deep understanding of how to deal with students in Sixth Form and what’s best for our future! In year 12 I’ve enjoyed the freedom to revise during frees which helps me to have a wider range of subject knowledge. And making new friends! Lehtu 

The levels of teaching are difficult to find elsewhere, each member of staff is entirely dedicated to their work and to the education of each of their pupils. Every pupil gets the pleasure of experiencing amazing teaching and a personal side to every teacher. Students themselves are clearly interested from this sort of teaching and there is never a lack of enthusiasm! The opportunities I have been given by the school such as through the CCF and continuous school trips develop other aspects of my character that can be put back into learning in the classroom. Eric 

I stayed at Liverpool College because I felt like it gave me the best opportunities in helping me for the future, not only academically but personally and this allows you to develop different skills that can be used in all areas of life. So far, I have enjoyed the level of maturity you are treated with and the independence that you have.  Zara 

I stayed for Sixth Form because I knew the teachers here would often be willing to go out of their way if it meant a greater chance of me or my classmates succeeding. Also, they're all so passionate about their subjects that it makes you genuinely excited to learn about their field. In year 12 I've enjoyed that you're trusted to manage your own time effectively and to become a lot more independent. Teachers here talk with you instead of talking at you and through that I've started to feel much more confident in my subjects as I can broaden my knowledge beyond the syllabus, whether through talking to my teachers or by spending free periods exploring topics I find particularly worthwhile. Jan