Wilton Scholar Programme

Supporting More Able Learners: Wilton Scholar Programme

At Liverpool College we are dedicated to stretching the most academically able to the very highest standards of excellence through a specialist, tailored programme referred to internally as the Wilton Scholar Programme.

Fundamental Aims of the Wilton Scholar programme

  1. To increase the academic performance and progress of our most able pupils by making their education challenging, motivational and relevant.
  2. To cultivate a whole school ethos of challenge and high expectation, where excellence is celebrated and academic achievement is aspirational.
  3. To become a recognised‘Centre of Excellence’for Gifted and Talented provision.

 Provision for our Most Able Students includes:  

  1. Effective identification, tracking, monitoring and intervention procedures.
  2. Developing a culture of challenge which offers consistently ambitious targets and high levels of challenge both within lessons and throughout their school experience.
  3. A commitment to nurturing scholastic excellence and developing an ethos where academic excellence is championed and students are imbued with confidence and high ambition.
  4. A targeted, specialist, enrichment programme, utilising both internal and external expertise,  to provide the breadth of knowledge, skills and attitudes required to succeed. This is made possible by specific designated funding, kindly donated to our school by the Wilton Trust.