Our Identity and Traditions

Coat of Arms
The Coat of Arms, based upon the original 1840 design, reflects our mission and values. The crest consists of a bishop’s mitre, taken to represent out Church of England Foundation as well as symbolising our continuing commitment to moral and religious values. In the shield, the royal crown on a cushion, backed by crossed crook and sceptre represents the historic tradition of church and state while the open book may be taken as a reference to learning and education.

The motto (taken from the writing of Cicero) means ‘Not only the intellect but also the character’. This reflects the aim of the College to educate the whole person, combining the traditional values of honesty, integrity and citizenship with a determination to meet the individual needs of pupils so they may realise their full potential.


School Song - Carmen Lerpoolense
The Latin version of the school song which is sung at major school occasions such as our annual Founders’ Day Service and Speech Night & Prizegiving was written in 1891 by the Rev T Nicklin then a Classical Master at the College. The tune that is now used was written by A.L Wilkinson, an Old Lerpoolian, in 1922.

Please click here to download a copy of the song (with music), as well as a free translation of the words which was done at the time of the Centenary Speech Day, 1939.

Please click here to listen to a recording of the music (with words).

The College Grace
The Grace consists of three verses taken from different psalms. Today, the grace is not in frequent use but is said at Old Lerpoolian dinners where traditionally either the Head Boy or Head Girl is invited to read it. Please click here to download a copy of the grace, as well as a translation.