Liverpool College is committed to providing its services to people with disabilities. This website has been built from the ground up with accessibility in mind. We have taken all steps possible to make sure this website is accessible to all. Pages within the website are valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional and the Style Sheets used conform to CSS 1.0.

Text Size

It is difficult sometimes to read an article or page on Internet because of the font size.
Follow these steps and learn how to change your Font Size on your web browser.

  1. Press the Control key (PC) or Command key (Mac) which are on the bottom row of the keyboard near the Space bar.
  2. While still holding down the command/control key, press the key to the left of delete. This will make the font bigger.
  3. To make the font smaller, press the key to the right of the zero key. (these two keys are usually the - and + keys) An alternative to the + and - keys is the scroll wheel on your mouse. To return the text to the default size press the zero key.
  4. Another way to do this (Firefox only) is from the options menu in your browser:
    Go to Tools > Options
    Click the "Content" tab and look for "Fonts and Colors".
    The default is 16
  5. On Internet Explorer, go to "View" then "Text size". You can choose from smallest to largest. Choose what size best suits you.
  6. If you use Netscape Navigator, go to the View menu and choose Increase Font until the text is the size you require.

Access Keys

Access keys have been included to assist users with disabilities when navigating their way through the website.
Essentially keyboard shortcuts, access keys provide quick and easy access to common pages without the need for a mouse.

The access keys on the Liverpool College web site are mostly a combination of the control key (Ctrl) and a letter or number, to be pressed simultaneously.
For example if you were to press the control key and the A key (Ctrl + A ) at the same time you would go to the About us page.

Please use the following combinations below the navigate the site.

Home Navigation

Ctrl + H = Home
Ctrl + A = About us
Ctrl + F= How to find us
Ctrl + G = Gallery
Ctrl + C = Contact us
Ctrl + D = Admissions
Ctrl + S = Search

Ctrl + N = News
Ctrl + E = Events

Slide Navigation

Arrow right - Slide right
Arrow left - Slide left

Arrow up - Scroll up page
Arrow down - Scroll down page

Ctrl + 1 = The Principals Page
Ctrl + 2 = Godwyn House Nursery
Ctrl + 3 = Pre - Prep
Ctrl + 4 = Prep School
Ctrl + 5 =Upper School
Ctrl + 6 = The Sixth Form
Ctrl + 7 = Parent Information
Ctrl + 8 = Our Community
Ctrl + 9 = Boarding

Footer Navigation

Ctrl + M = Sitemap
Ctrl + X = Accessibility
Ctrl + P = Privacy Policy

If you require more assistance or experience any accessibility problems please send us and enquiry via the Contact us