Merseyside and Cheshire Engineering Leaders' Awards.

We have had the results from the Merseyside and Cheshire Engineering Leaders' Awards. Pupils needed to think of a real-world problem and design a solution to the problem, including writing a persuasive pitch letter to accompany the entry. I am delighted to announce we have 14 category winners, with winners ranging from Year 3 to Year 10. We also had 10 highly commended entries. This is an extraordinary success. All winners have been invited to attend a special award ceremony, where they will be presented with certificate and trophies. Their work, along with all short- listed entries, will be showcased in a gallery at Edge Hill University on 13 June. Congratulations to all. 

Mrs Doran

The Highly Commended Entries:

  • YR3 Rose M. "Bedomatic"
  • YR5 Edward M.L "Firefighter Bot"
  • YR5 Emilea M. "Linking Worry Caps"
  • YR6 Orla R.D. "The Plant Pal"
  • YR6 Alexa C. "Emotion Accessories"
  • YR7 Amelie E.B "Parent Help"
  • YR8 Kyrah W. "Smart Fridge"
  • YR8 Thomas B.M. "Fertilisation Cannons"
  • YR10 Cate O'H. "Fishing Nets That Don't Trap Turtles"
  • YR10 Solomon E.D.W "Neographr"

The Winning Entries:

  • YR3 Oscar M. "Safe Swinger"
  • YR3 Salma O'N. "Medicine Manager"
  • YR4 Emmie T. "The Water Well"
  • YR4 Evie M.A. "The Robot Lollipop"
  • YR5 Julie VD.H.G "LAYT (Look After Your Teeth)"
  • YR5 Kara M. "Arthurglove"
  • YR6 Leonardo D.T. "Anti Waste Fridge"
  • YR6 Daisy G.S. "Train Accessories"
  • YR7 Emily B. "Portable Walker"
  • YR7 Alisha S. "Music Beat Band"
  • YR8 Tom W. "Planet Pak"
  • YR8 Sienna M.O'K. "Fresh Film"
  • YR10 Lily N. "CALM (Computer aided listening machine)"
  • YR10 Ella D "Locaider"