Ch10 get Spaced Out for Science exams

Understanding how scientific principles relate to the world around us is essential in deepening pupils' understanding of theoretical physics. What better way to achieve this than inviting experts in the world of cutting-edge Science exploration to work with students, and explain how scientific principles apply to their fields of expertise. This week we invited the National Association of space into the school to deliver a superb workshop exploring how we use space technology to learn more about our own planet. The pupils were taught how satellites use infrared technology and UV light to trace heat signatures, allowing us to keep a multi-spectral eye on our planet; this is now used to trace the effects of global warming on the sea. The event was filled with WOW moments, including creating their own telescopes using lenses to apply the concept of refraction, and making gravity wells, demonstrated with marbles, to simulate the pull of gravity that a large body in space exerts. Our thanks to the NSA for their innovative and high energy experiments that helped the students revise key scientific principles to help them prepare for their up-coming GSCE Science exams.

Mrs Doran