On Saturday, ‘the boarders’ enjoyed a group activity: paintballing. This was the first group activity that we have been able to participate in outside of the boarding house in 2021!

It was a chance for our boarding students to take a break from revising and their studies and spend some quality time with their friends. They worked as a team to devise and implement a strategy that lead the way to (some) victory. They quickly learnt that success comes by working together, communicating and being on the same page.

Paintball is an active sport, it provides an excellent chance to get exercise and get your heart rate up – which is great for both physical and mental health. It was also a chance to feel the sun and wind and to enjoy some quality time outdoors enjoying the natural beauty.

It was lovely to hear the stories, laughter and see big smiles on everyone’s faces when they returned home.

They were back studying that evening ready for their Mock 2’s that start on Monday morning. We wish them all, good luck for all of their exams!

Mrs Latham (Head of Boarding)