Y7 Intra-House Saturday Hockey

On Saturday, there was huge excitement amongst the pupils and staff as the start of Y7 house hockey matches took place on a glorious sunny morning. The pupils spent the first part going through several drills under the watchful eye of the hockey coaches. The pupils were briefed, and the stage was then set for three incredibly competitive matches - sticks were brushed along the astro turf, the ball flew across the surface and into the net to the joy of many boys and girls.

Y7 Hockey Results
Butlers 5 Howsons 2
Howards 0 School House 2
Selwyns 7 Brooks 7

Mr Cook (Director of Sport)



On Saturday, ‘the boarders’ enjoyed a group activity: paintballing. This was the first group activity that we have been able to participate in outside of the boarding house in 2021!

It was a chance for our boarding students to take a break from revising and their studies and spend some quality time with their friends. They worked as a team to devise and implement a strategy that lead the way to (some) victory. They quickly learnt that success comes by working together, communicating and being on the same page.

Paintball is an active sport, it provides an excellent chance to get exercise and get your heart rate up – which is great for both physical and mental health. It was also a chance to feel the sun and wind and to enjoy some quality time outdoors enjoying the natural beauty.

It was lovely to hear the stories, laughter and see big smiles on everyone’s faces when they returned home.

They were back studying that evening ready for their Mock 2’s that start on Monday morning. We wish them all, good luck for all of their exams!

Mrs Latham (Head of Boarding)


D of E With A Difference

Over the weekend, around 70 Y10 pupils completed their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition. As with a great deal of the “new normal”, this expedition was unlike those of years gone by, as camping was not allowed and the routes had to be in the Liverpool region. Despite this, the pupils embraced the challenge with gusto and unquestionably embodied the spirit of the College and the Award as they slogged through some of Liverpool’s 2,500 acres of parks and open spaces.

While overnight camping is still not allowed outside of households, the participants were still expected to demonstrate their campcraft skills, so tents were pitched in the Prep playing fields and their dinners were dutifully cooked and eaten (with some looking more appetising that others!). Once they had satisfied their assessors that they had met the requirements for the day, they were debriefed and sent home.

On returning bright and early the next morning, participants again cooked and ate a hot meal before commencing their second day of the expedition under Liverpool’s blue suburban skies. Along the way they were quizzed by their supervisors on their navigation and knowledge, with a bit of coaching given as they went. As groups demonstrated their competence and responsibility, their assessors and supervisors drifted further and further behind, allowing them their independence and an opportunity to demonstrate that they had fulfilled the conditions of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. And they were never far from watchful eyes, as members of the public were always keen to tell staff their impressions, which were overwhelmingly positive. While making a pickup I was told by complete strangers that our pupils were “incredible” and they had picked up every bit of litter to take away with them. You should be very proud of how they have represented the College, the CCF, the DofE, and their generation.

Having been involved in the award for over a decade, it never ceases to amaze me how our pupils rise to a challenge. This cohort have certainly not disappointed, but have instead shown incredible resilience and positivity; universally seizing the opportunity and creating adventure despite the limitations placed on them by COVID. While they have all achieved above and beyond what we might have hoped and expected, I love that some went beyond even this and slept in tents in their gardens, truly making the most of it. I am proud of their accomplishment and very much look forward to continuing their adventure with Silver and Gold in the coming years.

Staff involved: D Ridley, H Rigby, R Newton, N Diamond, A Robbin, R McCartney, D Wynne, J Rigby, I Blackwood, N Kelly, J Burcombe, E Cartwright (OL), J Jones (OL), D Craig (OL), A Pye (OL).

Major D Ridley
CCF Contingent Commander


A Weekend of Sport from Y5 to Y11

Last weekend saw pupils from Y5 to Y11 take part in several sporting activities on a sunny but blustery weekend. The action-packed weekend started with Y5 entering the Upper School field to engage in 75 minutes of rugby and hockey training with staff and parent volunteers. Once the Y5s had left the field, Y6 pupils were joined by all six houses from Y7 who engaged in rugby, football, hockey and netball. To help with the larger numbers of pupils, the variety of sports were supported by pupils from Y10 and the sixth form. As the clock approached 12.00pm it was the turn of Y9 and Y10 to join the fun engaging in netball, football, hockey, and the fitness suite. The weekend was not complete without a Sunday afternoon appearance from our Y11 hockey and footballers who enjoyed a good one-hour workout and social activity. The behaviour of all pupils was excellent throughout the weekend and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to display their sporting talent whether it was individually or as a team.

Mr Cook 
Director of Sport (Secondary Phase)


Saturday Sport Jamboree

On Saturday, over 400 pupils took part in a jamboree of school sports. The blustery but sunny day involved pupils participating in Rugby, Football, Hockey and Netball with many pupils displaying excellent individual talent and teamwork.  It was fantastic to see so many happy pupils, turning up on time, dressed immaculately in full LC Sports Kit and leaving having tried their hardest for their House.

Mr Cook (Director of Sport)


‘Magic’ End to School Lockdown

After weeks working virtually at home, what better way to end virtual learning than with a virtual Magic and Grand Illusion show! Modern magic duo Jay & Joss entertained the primary pupils (and their families) with an interactive experience they’ll remember forever – hopefully adding a little joy to the memories of learning at home through lockdown. The live magic show made all the children feel like they were on the front row of the theatre – right up-close to the magic, and some even became part of the show. As well as having fun – the kids are learning too. Magic is a superb way to practice lateral thinking, problem solving and creative thinking. Magic sets are a superb gift for children to challenge their intellect. Presenting education in fun and dynamic ways is a specialism of the Liverpool College enrichment programme -whether virtual learning or face to face.

Mrs Doran


Bringing Roman History to Life

To fit in with their history topic, The Romans, Year 3 enjoyed an incredible live history show this week which taught them all about different aspects of life during the Roman period. Through the magic of technology, they travel to Ancient Rome to learn about the origins of the Roman empire and visited famous buildings such as the Colosseum and Circus Maximus. They even visited a Roman latrine. A highlight of the show was meeting a Roman Centurion, who explained about weapons/tactics/armour and the invasion of Roman Britain. To illustrate the importance of women in Roman times, they also met Boudica – an incredibly influential Roman figure who began the uprising against the Roman occupation. After the incredibly fun and informative show, the students were then given an opportunity to ask questions directly to the historical figures in a ‘History Hot Seat’.

Mrs Doran